DXRacer MASTER V2 - Brown

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Quick Overview



Made of microfiber leather

Pinhole microfiber leather with countless ventilation holes on the back and seatIt reduces moisture and allows you to work comfortably for long periods of time.

  • Subdued design
  • Generously sized
  • Customize with optional items (available on official website)

MASTER V2 Series

The Master is a high-performance work chair series developed for users who go beyond the frame of gaming, and are useful in a variety of lifestyle and work styles.The MASTER V2 features a simple design that blends into your workspace, a roomy high back frame with a breathable pinhole microfiber leather and added 4-way built-in lumbar support.Made for extra comfort.The birth of the premium work chair "MASTER" V2.

  • A work chair developed to utilize the high functionality of a gaming chair.
  • Adjustable Height Memory Foam Large Headrest
  • 4-way built-in lumbar support
  • Removable seat for easy maintenance
  • 4D wide armrest with metal paddle
  • Seat angle fixing function (tilt lock function).
  • Customizable with options

master v2 size




The Master series is roomy in size.Wide and high back model features a weak hold due to the wide and deep seat.

Pinhole Microfiber Leather

Perforated pinhole microfiber leatherBreathable artificial leather with a smooth surface like natural leather.

Large Memory Foam Headrest

Large rounded headrests gently hug your head and can be adjusted up and down to 6 different heights.It holds the neck firmly from the back of the head for a high fit.


ma238 fun_lumber



4-way built-in lumbar support

The 4-way built-in lumbar support allows you to adjust the built-in lumbar support in 4 directions, upward, left and right directions.The optimal support position holds your lower back and helps reduce fatigue.

4D Arm

Rounded ergonomic armrest.The 4D arm allows 4 movements, including elevating and lowering forward, forward and backward sliding, and side-to-side horizontal slides.Up and down range of motion is approximately 3.1 inches (Top and bottom adjustable paddle is made of high strength metal.

Adjustable seat height function.

You can easily adjust the height of the seat with the lever under the seat to match your height or your desk environment.You can set it to the best seat position.



mas-238 knob

Back reclining function

Reclining function allows backrest to be flipped down to 135°.It can recline 150° with the seat tilt function.

Locking & Angled Retention (Tilt Lock Function)

It can be fixed at the angle while sinking and tilting the seat.Using the sink of the seat to disperse body pressure on the seat to the back and waist, reducing the burden on the body when sitting.Reclining 150 degrees in conjunction with the reclining function.

Seat rocking (cradle function) Adjustable firmness

You can control the locking adjustment knob under the seat to adjust the firmness of the seat rock.